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The secret of beautiful skin is wine

Skin with wine to own a beautiful skin, no wrinkles, no intensive lightening, no Zits, no freckles and bright white.The wine is very popular drink. In addition to uses as a beverage, wines are also the skin beauty.Beauty skin with very strange wine, don't you? And learn about the beauty shop with wine next time.

1. Use skin whitening

How to make simple. You only need to enter the bath 5 cups of wine and then soak in the tub for 15-20 minutes, combined with a full body massage. The massage will help wine penetrate deeply into the skin for maximum results results there is also help relax the skin. After soaking is completed you shower with water to rinse the alcohol on the skin to avoid skin dryness. Use 2-3 times a month will help your skin becomes bright white, glossy and smooth tension. 

2. The treatment of freckles                                                                                                                  The wine is rich in vitamin C, E and anti-oxidants help eliminate freckles on the skin, the skin fair skin pink.

Way 1:

You use the mask of paper soaked in 1 cup of wine and then up onto the surface, after a period of approximately 15-20 minutes when the mask has dried slowly then take it out and rinse face with cold water.

Way 2:

You use chicken eggs 1 cup egg white cotton take guest then mix well with 30 ml of wine and rice flour 50 g. Note before then you should mix finely ground rice flour and mix with wine before then mix with the eggs. DAB this mixture on the face and the skin lightening, save 15-20 minutes and wash off with cold water.

3. The use of prevent and treat acne

You use wine as cleansers. First you wash your face with water and then take about 1 cup of wine users manual DAB evenly over face, gently massage face from 3-5 minutes and then wash your face with water. By the method of skin with this wine will help you sort of dirt on the skin helps the skin clean smooth and prevent factors that cause acne.
4. Uses anti wrinkles

You mix 1/2 cup of wine with 1/2 cup buckwheat flour mixed into paste. Apply this mixture to the skin side up, about 15-20 minutes, then rinse with water. The wine paired with grits help the skin, reducing wrinkles to your skin refreshed with time.

5. The treatment of intensive lightening

Brown pigmentation caused loss of confidence to you, is the one thing you always worry. By making the skin beautiful with following wine worries will disappear rather bright white skin is no Bhikkhu stain.

You stir 1/2 cup rice flour was crushed with 1/2 cup of wine into the mixture make a paste. DAB this mixture on the face and skin areas suffer from Dermatitis, such as limbs, stay on the skin for 15-20 minutes and then rinse with water.


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