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26/07/2017 Know the type of fabrics for scarves during monsoon
Cotton, polyester and chiffon are the fabrics that you should stick to while buying scarves during the rainy season, say experts. Ritika Taneja, Head - Director and Business head, Fashion, ShopClues, and Tanvi Malik, Co-CEO, FabAlley, list down types of fabrics that you should pick up while shopping for scarves in monsoon: * Cotton scarves: An ideal for summer and monsoon. They will not only protect you when it is a bit sunny but will also cover up when the temperature takes a little dip. * Polyester fabric: Easy to dry and wrinkle-free, this fabric is the right choice for monsoon. One can also opt for poly-blend scarves. Such scarves won't turn transparent in rain. * Chiffon scarves: Chiffon is the perfect choice for this climate as it dries very quickly. * Linen scarves: With its easy fall and breathable quality, the linen scarves make for a great pick during the rainy season.

29/01/2016 Paracetamol use in pregnancy may harm fertility
Using painkillers in pregnancy may reduce fertility in subsequent generations, warns a research. Tests conducted on rats revealed that when a mother was given painkillers during pregnancy, her female offspring had fewer eggs, smaller ovaries and smaller litters of babies than those not exposed to the drugs, the study revealed. The findings are significant given the similarities between the reproductive systems of rats and humans, although it is difficult to directly extrapolate these results to pregnant women, the researchers noted. "It's important to remember that this study was conducted in rats not humans, however, there are many similarities between the two reproductive systems,” said Richard Sharpe, professor at the University of Edinburgh in Britain.

28/01/2016 Experience the Best with God’s Own Country ….. Visit Kerala
Kerala Tourism has declared the period from April 2015 to April 2016 as"Visit Kerala Year" and an array of activities are planned as part of it. In the wake of the fresh initiative, Kerala Tourism will explore more new markets like China, Sri Lanka etc. Aggressive campaigns that target potential travelers in big traditional markets for Kerala will be conducted in the United Kingdom, France and Germany through trade fairs and roadshows. Leveraging the increased air connectivity, a focused Ayurveda and monsoon campaign will be conducted in the Middle East where 90% of the Diasporas are from Kerala. A comprehensive festivals and events calendar will be prepared and promoted through multiple channels, including India Tourism Offices and Indian embassies abroad. Kerala will be promoted as a major “Wedding and MICE destination” through online campaigns.

29/01/2016 Exercising alone won't lose weight: Study
Exercising is important in order to burn calories and stay fit. But a recent study says that exercise alone is not always enough to shed weight as our bodies adapt to higher activity levels and do not burn extra calories even if we exercise more.

28/01/2016 Eat apple, berries to cut flab
Eating fruit, such as apples, pears, and berries, and vegetables that contain high levels of flavonoids, may be linked to less weight gain, finds a study. The findings of the study, which was published in The British Medical Journal, revealed that increased consumption of flavonoid subclasses was associated with less weight gain.

27/01/2016 Feeling depressed or hopeless? Check with your brain, not heart .
Have you started feeling depressed or moody while in love, lacking focus or motivation to finish a task at work or finding yourself addicted to shopping or even gambling? Do not just blame sudden impulses or your stars - at the axis of such deviating behaviour are two key naturally occurring chemicals in your brain: dopamine and serotonin.

25/01/2016 Jawed Habib hopes for government support in recycling hair
Celebrated hairstylist Jawed Habib is on a mission to make the best use of the cut hair from styling that is done on a regular basis at his over 500 salons in the country. He believes that if the Narendra Modi-led government extends support to the idea of recycling hair, he will be able to facilitate it soon. Currently, Jawed has about 570 salons in India and aspires to take the figure to 5,000 in the next three years. And a part of his business expansion plan includes setting up an organised way to recycle cut hair.

20/01/2016 Exercise counters brain shrinkage in Parkinson's disease
By protecting the brain from shrinkage, aerobic exercise may slow the progression of Parkinsons disease, a progressive disorder of the nervous system, says a neurologist.In an editorial published online in the journal JAMA Neurology, neurologist J Eric Ahlskog from Mayo Clinic in Minnesota recommends that modern physical therapy practices should incorporate aerobic exercise training and encourage fitness for patients with Parkinson's disease.

19/01/2016 Wait for five months before saying 'I love you'
New relationships are marked by a series of milestones from the moment you lay eyes on new partner to first kiss, but a new study may have the answer to that all important question -- when to utter those three words? The study by dating site suggests that many Brits would kiss a new partner almost straight away, jump into bed with them after two weeks, and saying 'I love you' normally happens after five months of dating (precisely 144 days),

09/01/2016 Increased light exposure may make kids overweight
Children who spend too much time on tablets, mobile phone or television are more likely to gain unhealthy weight not just because of physical inactivity but also due to increased exposure to light, says a new study. Timing and intensity of light exposure is critical for metabolic functioning and weight status, the findings showed.

14/12/2015 Google doodle marks when yoga guru B.K.S. Iyengar first breathed
Instrumental in introducing the ancient Indian practice of yoga to the Western world, BKS Iyengar got honoured on his 97 th birth anniversary with a doodle -- showing the yoga guru in various poses within GoogleÂ’s logo.

Sunny leone who started her carrer with jism 2 to kuch kuch locha hai she has managed to portray every side of hers. Her popularity is soaring high these days and now after mesmerizing the audiences with hit item numbers like ‘Pink Lips’, ‘Baby Doll’ and many others.

31/10/2015 Mans find to make strong bond with their wifes this karvachauth by doing fast
Married Indian men are willing to fast for their wife to celebrate and share the experience together, according to a survey coinciding with Karva Chauth, when mostly Hindu women in north India fast for their husband's long life.When married men were asked ‘If they would fast for their better half’, 62.1 percent of 4,920 of them said ‘Yes’, 17.6 percent said ‘Maybe’ and 20.3 percent said ‘No’. Asked to specify the reason for fasting, 41.1 percent of them said ‘Want to celebrate and share the experience together’, 32.6 percent said ‘For her long life’, while 26.3 percent said ‘Peer pressure - because others are doing it’.

31/10/2015 Sabyasachi says fashion must be democratic
His sartorial creations infused with tradition and feminism helped Sabyasachi Mukherjee take over the fashion domain with panache. And now he is on a mission to bring a revolution in the fashion world by bridging the gap between luxury and pret collection. The ace designer says there should be no boundaries in fashion as it should be "democratic".

31/10/2015 Skype gets interactive videos and emoticons in India
The new interactive videos or talking pictures, named Mojis by Skype, are the first-of-a-kind very small clips of video (both Bollywood and Hollywood) that the company claims will revolutionize chat platforms.

30/10/2015 Block unwanted games invites on fb!
Annoying candy crush saga requests? Good news for you, on Facebook may soon let users block those unwanted game requests.Founder,CEO of facebook Mark Zuckerberg said the company could soon find a way out of those irritating game invites.

12/09/2015 Crown unveiled of fem Miss north India 2015
The cover of crown unveiling program of fem Miss north India 2015 contest has been organized in vasundhara Ghaziabad

28/08/2015 Ritu Kumar's ‘Varanasi Weaves' at Lakme Fashion Week!!!
Padma Shri winner and well-known textile revivalist Ritu Kumar took India's rich textiles and handlooms a notch higher when she showcased her 'Varanasi Weaves’ collection at the ongoing Lakme Fashion Week Winter-Festive 2015. Bringing back the beauty of motifs like Badami, Kyari, Shikargah and floral butis, the designer showcased glittering gold and silver royal textiles to a cheering audience, that included some of India's top fashion designers like Rohit Bal and Wendell Rodricks along with Bollywood veteran Shabana Azmi. Kumar's initiative to honour weavers from Banaras is supported by the ministry of textiles to revive the handloom weaving in the city.

27/08/2015 Top 10 Most Searched Bollywood Celebrities in 2015
With back-to back hit movies, there are various Bollywood celebrities who are getting too much fame the world over. A few of them are talked about in terms of their scandals and controversies. But who cares, because these stars are far away from all such things and remain busy in their career building. Let us see which are the top 10 most searched Bollywood celebrities in 2015.

22/08/2015 Lakme Fashion Week: Surveen Chawla to walk for Tanieya Khanuja!!
Actress Surveen Chawla is going to walk as the showstopper for designer Tanieya Khanuja at the winter-festive edition of Lakme Fashion Week (LFW) 2015.

08/08/2015 When You Feel Disconnected from Your Partner, what to do???
When you feel you are disconnected from your partner, here are some tips!! There comes a point in every relationship where we can feel a bit "disconnected" from our partner. Maybe you've been really busy with work or other obligations. Maybe you haven't spent that much time with them lately. Maybe you feel kind of emotionally distant. Or, maybe you have spent time together, but something has just been feeling "off." When this happens, we can find ourselves really questioning the relationship: Are we supposed to be together? Is it always going to be like this from here on out? Though it may seem like things are falling apart in this moments, it's not necessarily the end, but merely a sign to do something different. So here are things we can do when we're feeling disconnected in our relationship:

07/08/2015 IBWF: Sonam Kapoor to walk for Abu Jani-Sandeep Khosla.
Actress Sonam Kapoor will walk the ramp as showstopper for fashion designers Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla at the seventh edition of the BMW India Bridal Fashion Week on Friday. Organisers of the five-day gala announced on Friday that the "Aisha" actress will be walking for the designer duo, who are known for crafting ensembles for megastar Amitabh Bachchan and his family.

06/08/2015 In a study, found many couples don't like erotic kissing!!!
Sexual and romantic kissing is not welcomed in many cultures around the world, finds an interesting study, adding that some even find the erotic lip-lock uncomfortable and even repulsive. Using standard cross-cultural methods, researchers from Indiana University found that fewer than half of all 168 cultures surveyed -- 46 percent -- engage in romantic or sexual kissing. Romantic kissing was defined as lip-to-lip contact that may or may not be prolonged. When it comes to human kissing, it does serve as a way to learn more about a partner, “whether one feels there is any 'chemistry,' or possibly to assess health via taste and smell and to assess compatibility with each other,” explained lead author Justin Garcia, research scientist at Kinsey Institute at Indiana University. There is likely a biological underpinning to open-mouth kissing.

06/08/2015 Have a single child? Check if happiness still there in your life!!
Parents, please listen carefully. If you do not enjoy the company of a second child, look back to find out if the happiness quotient has taken a nosedive between you two after the birth of your firstborn. According to an interesting study, couples who perceive a drop in happiness in the first year after they became parents have a lower probability of having a second child. The effect is especially strong for mothers and fathers who are well educated and older. “Larger the loss in well-being, the smaller the probability of a second baby,” said lead researcher Mikko Myrskyla from the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research (MPIDR) in Rostock, Germany. “Parents' experience with and after the first birth help predict how large the family will be eventually,” he added. The findings also showed that for mothers and fathers, the drop in life satisfaction during the year following the first birth is even larger than that caused by unemployment, divorce or the death of a partner. In order to explore this, the researchers looked at the mother's and father's self-reported life satisfaction in the German Socio-Economic Panel Study (SOEP).

05/08/2015 Now try Dhoti Skirts more over Lehangaas and Anarkali!!
Twirling lehengas and floor-sweeping anarkalis continue to attract would-be brides. But the dhoti skirt, a silhouette that reflects both the traditional and contemporary aesthetics, is also becoming a hot favourite this wedding season in India, especially for pre-wedding celebrations, say designers. A dhoti is typically worn by Indian men, and over the years, designers have fused it with western silhouettes to bring out the now globally popular dhoti pants. A dhoti skirt, for women, is an interpretation which has found prominence of late. Designer Anita Dongre has launched her latest bridal collection, 'The Wedding Diaries'; an album of memories of the modern-day bride. While the bespoke bridal couture looks feature lehengas, gowns and anarkalis, there is also a pink dhoti skirt to be paired with a bandi.

04/08/2015 At IIJW Sania Mirza walks the ramp for Moni Agarwal!!
Sania is no stranger to fashion though, having walked the ramp at shows like Blenders Pride Fashion Tour, Indian Bridal Fashion Week, and Global Fashion Show among others.

03/08/2015 To make smart babies crack Joke with them
Children as young as 16 months old learn important life skills from jokes and pretend play of parents, says a new study.

01/08/2015 Similar levels of sexual activity Teens in the United States and Europe
On average, young people have sex for the first time at about age 17, but they do not marry until their mid-20s. This means that young adults may be at increased risk for unintended pregnancy and STIs for nearly a decade or longer.

01/08/2015 The secret of beautiful skin is wine
Skin with wine to own a beautiful skin, no wrinkles, no intensive lightening, no Zits, no freckles and bright white.The wine is very popular drink. In addition to uses as a beverage, wines are also the skin beauty.Beauty skin with very strange wine, don't you? And learn about the beauty shop with wine next time.

31/07/2015 Facebook's solar-powered drone to beam internet from the sky
Facebook has completed the production of its first full-scale solar-powered internet drone that will deliver wireless internet with lasers from the sky in parts of the developing world where internet availability is still a dream.